Finishing Water ~ PH 5 /// high shine serum for finished styles

Finishing Water ~ PH 5 /// high shine serum for finished styles


High shine hair serum for intense glimmer and light reflection. A lightweight polish when all else is said and done. Complete with dancing gold flake.

Directions: Work a few drops through hands first then work through hair - starting at ends to roots. Apply to dry hair to add shine and tame flyaways.

ROSE HIPS high in essential fatty acids, omega 3 & 6. High in Vitamin C, rejuvenate limp, dull hair, soothes scalp, increases elasticity & repairs follicles. WHEAT GERM OIL an effective emollient high in Vitamins B & E helps repair split ends and thicken hair. Lightly scented with ROSEWOOD and PETITGRAIN.

- 2 oz bottle filled with slow beauty, texture and exquisite quality
- FREE from Parabens, Sulphates, Petroleums and Artificial Fragrances
- Perfumed with 100% pure essential oils
- Made in small batches, colour and texture may vary slightly
- Barber and Fritz doesn’t unnecessarily bind its water based products; simply shake before using to blend the ingredients

Barber and fritz is an experience for the senses, the spirit and the mind. The experience of slow beauty.

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