" Why is it that 99% of hairstylists are women yet 99.9% of haircare brands are developed and owned by men? "


Ila Angel Marisa Meens has been an artist since the day she was born, a hairstylist for 20 years and a salon owner for 15.

" I was drowning in choices from huge corporately owned brands with a high emphasis on sales and a low emphasis on

beauty, art and quality. I couldn't find any small, independently owned haircare collections and absolutely nothing at all that was developed and owned by a female. "


Barber and fritz is a simple collection of hair potions. We offer no cutting edge formulas or the 'newest best trend'. This is a collection of hair preparations that offer simple, classic, time honoured formulas. We really only require haircare to provide a handful of simple functions:










BARBER AND FRITZ is comprised of single action components,  like a palette of primary colours designed to mix and layer and develop ones own recipes. These are tools for artists, they won't think for you - you will need to develop a language and relationship with the line and create your very own concoctions. 

Developed over a seven year span we worked closely with a cosmetic chemist to bring this story to life. Each recipe is our own, built on years of collecting and researching recipes from every era and culture, the world over. 

We are a small team that refer to this collection as POETRY IN POTION or simply...... A LOVE STORY, this is a home grown, grass roots, small collection, in an enormous sea of of salesmen, seminars, and snake oil. We don't believe in selling you anything. we believe in creating, in beauty and in honesty.

I developed Barber and fritz because I felt a gap, a disconnect between the art and ritual of beauty and the beauty industry, a return to simplicity, a nod to history and quality and lastly a place to express our artistry, photography, love of perfumery and potion crafting.
This collection is an expression rather than a brand.


Our tools should be special, they should represent our artistry, they should be made with love, beautiful ingredients and inspiring design. We are artists and the tools we use should reflect that.

B A R B E R A N D F R I T Z  built out of a love of the craft of hair and a love of the lost art of the beauty ritual.

Honesty, art & beauty.

Ila Angel Marisa Meens