Hairdressing Rinse ~ PH 3.8

Hairdressing Rinse ~ PH 3.8


A classic acid / vinegar based rinse concocted to balance PH, close cuticle and add shine. This miracle lotion is for every hair type young to old. Comprised of tinctures, essential oils & champagne vinegar. Detangler, next day product resurrector & dynamic travel companion.

Directions: Use instead of a creme based rinse for fine, virgin or oily hair. Spray on damp clean hair to even out porosity before applying anything else. Dampen hair on no-poo days to re-awaken products from time past:)

NETTLE controls oil production, helps prevent hair loss and smoothes follicles. BLACK TEA helps prevent shedding, adds shine, softens hair & brings out colour. CHAMPAGNE VINEGAR removes product buildup, adds shine and closes cuticle - protecting and strengthening hair.

- 8 oz bottle filled with slow beauty, texture and exquisite quality
- FREE from Parabens, Sulphates, Petroleums and Artificial Fragrances
- Perfumed with 100% pure essential oils
- Made in small batches, colour and texture may vary slightly
- Barber and Fritz doesn’t unnecessarily bind its water based products; simply shake before using to blend the ingredients.

Barber and fritz is an experience for the senses, the spirit and the mind. The experience of slow beauty.

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