I've been asked to provide a write up. So here I am desperately trying to convince myself on the importance of writing this.

You realize that means I'm expected to write a flattering BIO about myself.........IN THE THIRD PERSON. 

Frankly, nothing could be more phony. 

So I'll just go ahead and tell you about myself and the brand I've built.

I guess if I'm being honest Ill say that I'm an artist & romantic leaning towards anarchist who stumbled into business through rebellion. 

I've been cutting hair since I was 9 (for real).

I trained as a stylist at 18 and opened my first salon at 25.

Hair always made perfect sense to me - it came naturally. It's really all I've ever known. 

After about 10 years as a salon owner I became increasingly frustrated at my endless search to find a beautiful hair care collection. I wanted something that wasn't managed by reps working for mega corporations. I wanted something with slick, relevant design elements that would better reflect the wildly creative industry I felt part of. 

I decided at that point out of necessity that I would build my own hair care collection. I spent about two years pouring over old recipes and ancient concoctions at the library. I started compiling lists of ingredients and beauty recipes from every corner of the planet and time. I experimented in my kitchen like a mad scientist building the line piece by piece. Finally I had the entire 26 products mapped out with key ingredients / essential oil blends and performance benchmarks. At that point I hired a cosmetic chemist who I worked with for the next three years until our collection was finally ready for market. 

The collection is comprised of single action components. Barber and Fritz is like a palette of primary colours designed to mix and layer and develop ones own recipes. B&F doesn't promote pre/mixed ready to use products that easily squeeze from tubes. Its messy, creative and beautiful. These are tools for artists, they won't think for you - you will need to develop a language and relationship with the line and create your very own concoctions. 

Our tools should be special, they should represent our artistry, they should be made with love, beautiful ingredients and inspiring design. We are artists and the tools we use should reflect that.

Barber and Fritz was not built in a boardroom it was not built for profit it has been built out of a love of the craft of hair and a love of the lost art of the beauty ritual. There's a part of me that would love to say that this line is a result of a culmination of a bunch super fancy, important professionals but the truth is its me. 

The creative team I've aligned myself with support, inspire and guide me, however the onus is all mine. I have shot, edited and styled each and every photo. Developed each product, designed and written (with some help) all our content, labels and advertising. This is my magnum opus, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my love of art, design, photography, beautiful objects, beauty ritual, recipe development and the craft of hairdressing with a broad like minded community. 

I hope that our love and passion translates into all that we do .

Big smooch to Aiko who has hand sketched each drawing for our beautiful paper labels.

Honesty, art & beauty.

Ila Angel Marisa Meens